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Steve Bidulph

Understanding Men... with Steve Biddulph

This special seminar is a light-hearted, but profound and moving look at what makes men tick. How they became so damaged, how they can rediscover spirited, joyful, strong and loving masculinity. Aimed to help you as a woman to understand your partner, husband, lover (hopefully the same person!), how to raise boys with more insight and sensitivity, and of course to heal some of the father-wound that almost all women carry with them from the struggling fathers of our own generation.
Steve’s natural, honest, and very funny style, his use of moving stories and interaction with his audience has brought a helpful message to over 100,000 people in live audiences around the world.
Steve Biddulph's books The New Manhood, and Raising Boys have sold several million copies around the world, and brought a new awareness of men’s struggles and potentials. He is now writing a book about girls. He is Adjunct Professor of Psychology at Cairnmillar Institute, and was Australian Father of the Year in 2000 for his work supporting the role of dads. This is a rare chance to hear him right here in Tasmania.

Lucy Landon Lane

Womens' Understanding... With Lucy Landon-Lane

This participatory session will acknowledge & celebrate womens' understanding of Life; a time to explore a creative process that will nurture your body & attend to your mind for relaxation and joy. For women of all ages & levels of fitness, this will leave you with a sense of inner strength and peace. Lucy studied movement based Expressive Arts (which aims to integrate body, mind and spirit) at the Tamalpa Institute, San Francisco; and has taught Expressive Arts & dance in Australia, Vietnam and Fiji. She commenced her Masters in Expressive Arts and Social Change at the European Graduate School in Switzerland. She believes in the power of movement and dance to teach, heal and transform.

May 27, 1.30 – 4.30pm
COST: $35.00; Concession $20.00 For more info call Lucy 0417105390
Afternoon tea included. Adult Education seminar room, 51 York St, Launceston. Space limited so please book early. Sorry, no babies.
Or call in to The Wilderness Society, 174 Charles St, Launceston. All proceeds donated to Pulp the Mill Inc.


The No Pulp Mill Alliance announced the beginning of a national campaign to warn the ANZ that if they renew their debt facility to Gunns Ltd then we will renew our national campaign targeting ANZ as the bank that is financing the corruptly approved, environmentally destructive, divisive, and financially risky Tamar Valley pulp mill.
We will be placing national advertisements, undertaking direct actions, sending letters/petitions, and anything else it takes to let ANZ know that we don’t want them to finance the Gunns’ Tamar Valley pulp mill.
With Gunns’ share price at its lowest ever and a capital equity of only $82 million, Gunns Ltd is in serious financial trouble. It is selling everything to try and get its pulp mill built. In fact, the name Gunns Ltd could now be considered as synonymous with the Tamar Valley Pulp Mill.
Gunns has a net debt of $616 million, of which the primary financing facility - a $350 million senior debt facility – is maturing in January 2012. ANZ is the primary financing facility and thus is the Aussie Bank that keeps Gunns standing. Current site works taking place to prepare for construction of the proposed pulp mill are directly financed by the ANZ bank.
Gunns’ Chairman stated in his Annual General Meeting speech in November 2011 that Gunns Ltd is in discussion with ANZ to extend the debt with the: “objective of these discussions is to provide financing terms which facilitate the completion of the asset sale program and financial close of the Bell Bay pulp mill project.”
We demand that ANZ do not extend the debt facility for Gunns Ltd, and warn ANZ that if it does announce an extension of the debt facility, then our national campaign will result in letting its customers know worldwide that it is backing a polluting project that does not comply with the Equator Principles.
The first stage of this campaign is placing advertisements in the Financial Review, The Australian, The Age, The Examiner and The Mercury on January 17, two weeks before the debt repayment is due. The advertisement is a warning to ANZ that if they continue to fund Gunns pulp mill, we will step up the campaign against ANZ.

Aerial shotThis is an aerial shot of Gunns Pulp Mill site taken on August 30th 2011 the day the permits expired. Does this look like "substantial commencement"
Gunns are claiming it is. Pulp The Mill claims Gunns has no permit or approval to do any work at the site.

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Peter Cundall
              and the media

Pulp the Mill continues to oppose Gunns' proposed Tamar Valley Pulp Mill for the following reasons:

  • Toxic effluent in Bass Strait
  • Threats to the livelihood and lifestyle of thousands of Tamar Valley residents
  • Fresh water usage
  • Possible future use of native forests
  • The draconian and undemocratic Section 11 of the Pulp Mill Assessment Act
  • Lack of an independent, transparent assessment of a "critically non-compliant" mill
  • Lack of public hearings and community consultation
  • A complete lack of integrity on Gunns' part

The construction of a Pulp Mill in the Tamar Valley may soon commence without a mandate from the people of Australia. It is environmentally, economically and socially disastrous. For these reasons we cannot sit back and let this project start without continuing to voice our opposition. Our petitions, rallies, reports and letters have been ignored and our democracy is seriously flawed. At this stage, it is a necessary and justifiable part of the campaign to peacefully protest and engage in civil disobedience as one of the means to stopping the mill.

“Pulp the Mill” is a collective of individuals firmly committed to this positive and peaceful tactic as it becomes clear we are being left with few alternatives. We invite you to join us as a supporter, or to willingly be arrested if that is what it takes for change to come.

              seals protest against the pulp mill

Underwater action on Tenth Island

Tenth Island is 10km downstream of the pulp mill effluent diffuser, and is an important colony of protected Australian fur seals, which were nearly hunted to extinction.  See their beauty and vulnerability for yourself to the right..  

Trying not to think of great white sharks, we sank to the rocky floor, past abalone by their thousands in the cracks.  Long strands of kelp swept around us gently. Looking up we saw faces watching us, friendly, innocent faces with big beautiful eyes and whiskers. On our way back, the sea was boiling with fish, vast schools of couta and salmon; and we saw an endangered Wandering Albatross gliding over the pristine waters.

These vulnerable creatures are along Tasmania's coastline – outside the Commonwealth waters assessment area that was recently given the seal approval by the Federal government. No thorough and independent assessment has been done for this area.

Gunn's Pulp Mill Site
October 31st 2010

On Sunday 31st October about 40 members of Pulp the Mill assembled on the proposed pulp mill site, braving the rain (which miraculously cleared when we arrived) and the potential for Gunns' to sue us for trespassing.40
                protestors tour the pulp mill site

Our message was "NO TAMAR VALLEY PULP MILL EVER" as Gunns' new CEO, Greg L'Estrange has been telling the financial world that the new Forest Principles had given a green light for the pulp mill. We felt that it was important for us to act quickly in response to Mr. L'Estrange's strange ideas, and apologise to all who would have liked to join us but were not able to be contacted. To our initial surprise and great relief, Gunns' had advised the police that there were not to arrest us, so after doing interviews with media, we all walked along the gravel road through eucalypt and she-oak forest and onto the site to have a closer look.

We were astounded by the massive scale of the clearing; and the close proximity to houses and properties on the western bank of the Tamar River; as well as the fact that the north-east gale which was buffeting us would blow the toxic stench of the pulp mill straight into Launceston.

Parliament House
November 19th 2009
57 arrests

Over 100 Pulp the Mill supporters assembled outside Parliament House on the last sitting day of the year to demand the establishment of a Royal Commission into corruption surrounding the pulp mill process. 57 of us were arrested - including Peter Cundall.

"This is the first time I have ever broken the law or been arrested in my life. I felt compelled to do this because I feel so strongly about this issue. This stinking dirty pulp mill was approved by a stinking dirty process. This mill will never be accepted. We will never stop fighting it. We will never, ever give up," he said.

Parliament House pulp mill protest.

Lucy Landon-Lane, spokesperson for Pulp the Mill said "We’re here to express our outrage at the corruption and the dodgy pulp mill deal made by politicians and Gunns. We demand a Royal Commission into the project’s assessment process, because only a Royal Commission will have strong enough retrospective powers, and be specific enough, to examine the corruption that has pervaded every aspect of the approval process for the proposed pulp mill."

57 of us, of all ages and from all walks of life, were prepared to be arrested to make this positive stand and send a clear message back to potential joint venture partners and financiers of the proposed pulp mill, that the project has never been given a social licence.

Our action generated huge local and national media interest with TV coverage on all Tasmanian stations that night, most national newspapers the following day and a lengthy follow-up report on ABC news and the 7:30 report the next day.

Beaconsfield "Community Cabinet"
October 4th 2009
21 arrests

While members of TAP provided an energetic and noisy background on the street, 50 people from Pulp the Mill snuck in behind police lines to stand quietly and peacefully in front of the school building where Premier Bartlett’s farcical "community cabinet" was being held. When told we would be arrested for trespass, some left and the remaining 21 were peacefully arrested.Beaconsfield pulp mill protest.

"The State Government is holding this community forum to hear the community’s concerns, yet it refuses to listen to community concerns about the pulp mill, and the lack of redress people will have under the Pulp Mill Assessment Act." said Lucy Landon-Lane

Everyone who was there agreed that this action showed a community united and strong in it’s determination not to allow this pulp mill to be built. Beaconsfield was where we drew OUR line in the sand.

Parliament House corruption action
27th August 2009
20 arrests

“I was afraid. I was really afraid of being arrested but I was more afraid of what might happen if I didn’t take this stand for what I believe in. Getting arrested was not as bad as I had anticipated. We were peaceful, trained and well organized, so there was no need to fear conflict. After some time of standing in the rain, a sergeant came and read a proclamation telling us to leave within the next 5 minutes or be arrested. Our dear supporters stepped aside. Anti
                pulp mill protest The sergeant came back and warned us again, and then his team proceeded to arrest us one by one. They were polite and respectful, some even smiled! There was an air of celebration in the rain as our wonderful supporters cheered and clapped as we were led off to the paddy wagons, giving us strength and courage. Back at the station, the twenty of us who had been arrested joked and laughed as we waited to be processed and bailed. Yes we want to pulp the mill. But what are we peacefully protesting for? We are fighting for our air, for our ocean, for our forests, for our rivers, for our children, for our democracy and for our future.”
Lucy Landon-Lane
Tamar Valley farmer

“I was proud to be one of twenty Tasmanians arrested on the steps of Parliament House on the 27 August. The police were very understanding and many were sympathetic to our stand against the pulp mill. They were friendly and pleased to deal with respectful people. It was a positive, social experience - getting arrested is not so bad. The Tasmanian government is not capable of looking after our future and Tasmanians need to change this.
Quentin Wolfhagen
Tamar Valley beekeeper

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Doodlefish proudly supports Tasmanians taking a stand against the pulp mill.

Tamar river in
              the mist